The 19th China International
4-6 September 2024
Shanghai China
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High Quality Exhibitors:
CITEXPO Direct will consist of more than 300 exhibitors from China and all over the world, and we keep on adding new high-quality exhibitors.

Convenience Browsing:
You could browse CITEXPO Direct, find the things you need, quickly compare between several manufactures, learn their profiles to get the best result.

Advance Classification:
CITEXPO Direct has implemented advanced classification on the product category enabling you to find the product of your needs easily and effortlessly

Always Up to Date:
We keep track of every single item on the CITEXPO Direct product listing, keeping them always up to date and similar to the latest model on our show.

No Geographical Constraint:
Visas, air tickets, accommodation and physical attendance are not obligatory anymore because everything will be done digitally through our online system.

Longer Period of Time:
Instead of three days exhibition like our offline show, our online trading platform will be accessible 24 hours for a longer period of time, from March to August.
Flexible and Efficient:
Access it from anywhere you want, all you need to have is just a device with a decent internet connection, then you are good to go and access our platform.

Free for All:
You could access CITEXPO Direct no matter who you are. We are providing this online trading platform for free for every tire and wheel professional around the globe.

For tire and wheel traders, CITEXPO Direct is an online tire and wheel exhibition build with China International Tire Expo's 17 years accumulation of expertise and networks. Our show has built thousands of sustainable trade relationships among manufacturers and traders around the world. We are now moving up one step by offering a digital platform to provide even better services to our networks.

1. Accessible anywhere, anytime, and any device with an internet connection.

2. Research and compare tire and wheel products from different manufacturers.

3. Talk directly to credited manufacturers, no fake listing or middleman.

4. Organize all your business contacts and conversations in one place.

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