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Chinese Tiremakers Level Up Their Game

Chinese tiremakers have successfully managed to be able to develop new technology in order to come back stronger post-pandemic. For example, Hangzhou Zhongce Qiantang Industrial build a 5G digital factory with a total investment of $500 million. The project adopts the world's advanced production technology and technical equipment with the world's most advanced production process automation, full process informatization, full-field intelligence. Last but not least, the digital tire factory is also environmentally friendly.

Double Star Group China has also taken a huge leap by a joint venture with Huawei Technology to realize their megaproject plan called "Tire Internet", a smart cloud platform adopting the Internet of Things. The 5G tech includes artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data technology in the ecosystem. The big data technology will allow them to record data such as production quality of tires, tire pressure information, wear level, driving route, user preferences, and many others, which may later be taken as an important reference for R&D, production, sales, and future decision making for the company.

Sentury Tire Group has also just made an announcement about their plan to invest $54 million to build a tire digital ecological management experience that integrates intelligent tire manufacturing, smart warehousing, automatic sorting, tire loading, performance testing, and driving experience centre. The project is executed with an agenda of creating a digital smart storage scene based on the digital intelligent three-dimensional warehouse and automatic tire sorting.

Major tire brands such as Linglong and Sailun have also shown a steady upward trend in business performance and brand influence. They even appear in the "2022 Most Valuable Tire Brand List" in a head-to-head competition with the foreign tire brand. Linglong Tire signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent Cloud and Shenzhen Huazhi Intelligent to build a digital, intelligent, and globalized tire intelligent manufacturing system based on the previously jointly built industrial Internet platform to build a digital, intelligent, and globalized tire intelligent manufacturing system based on the previously built platform.

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