The 19th China International
4-6 September 2024
Shanghai China
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Exhibitor Profile

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One plus one hub Accessories Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Province, China
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壹加壹加工厂座落在温州市鹿城区藤桥镇石埠村鞍源路50-54号, 我厂拥有台湾产的6-7功位螺帽冷镦机(F11B-19B)(带阳模顶出),全自动高精密仪表车床,半自动车床等高端设备,专业定制非标螺母、全自动高精密仪表车件等,广泛应用于机械配件、汽摩配件、自行车配件等产品的专业厂家.是汽车轮毂配件行业的理想合作伙伴。本厂专业生产汽车轮毂螺栓,套筒,螺母(防盗 原装 改装)系列,并且拥有完整的供应链。 我们管理多元化,专业化,每个工艺分厂而制。这样的管理体系使我们更加具有灵活性,成本也相对节省,让我们在同行更有竞争力。 企业秉承三个第一,“客户第一”、“服务第一”、“质量第一”的经营理念,壹加壹的诚信、实力和产品质量获得业界的认可。欢迎各界朋友莅临参观、指导和业务洽谈。我们愿意与您建立长期合作关系。

One plus one processing factory is located at no.50-54, Anyuan Road, Shibu village, Tengqiao Town, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City. Our factory has 6-7 power nut cold heading machine (f11b-19b) (with male mold ejection), full-automatic high-precision instrument lathe, semi-automatic lathe and other high-end equipment, specialized in customized non-standard nuts, full-automatic high-precision instrument car parts, etc., which are widely used in mechanical parts, auto parts, bicycle, etc. Professional manufacturers of accessories and other products. Is the ideal partner of automobile hub accessories industry. Our factory specializes in the production of automobile hub bolt, sleeve, nut (anti-theft original modification) series. And has a complete supply chain. We have diversified and specialized management, which is made in each process branch. Such a management system makes us more flexible and cost-effective, making us more competitive in the industry. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first", "service first" and "quality first", and its integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation. We are willing to establish long-term cooperation with you.

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