The 19th China International
4-6 September 2024
Shanghai China
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Exhibitor Profile

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Shandong ACMEX Rubber Group Co.,Ltd.
Shandong Province, China
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目前公司拥有TRANSKING、GM ROVER、FIRELION、MILEVER、HAIDA、MILEKING六个品牌,产品涵盖子午线卡客车轮胎,轿车轮胎,工程轮胎等,产品远销世界100多个国家和地区。所有产品均申请并通过了DOT、ECE、SMARTWAY、GCC、SONCAP、REACH等产品认证。同时,公司在迪拜、美国、墨西哥、沙特等多地设有海外分公司和办事处,可以更好的服务各地客户。国内轮胎销售团队拥有高水平的销售队伍及健全的产品、销售服务网络,团队核心成员均来自世界知名轮胎企业,销售网络遍布全国各个区域。技术服务团队现有18名产品开发工程师,其中韩籍专家10人,博士学历3人,硕士以上学历6人,均来自韩国知名轮胎企业,工作年限均超过20年,分别在各自工作领域具有丰富的工作经验及技术实力,先后服务于国内外10余家大型轮胎企业。


ACMEX GROUP is a professional integrated enterprise, setting tires’ production, sales, technology R & D and after market services. Its business covering tires exporting and domestic sales, new tire technology R & D, technical service and transfer, import of natural rubber & raw materials, etc.

So far we are running TRANSKING, GM ROVER, FIRELION, MILEVER, HAIDA, MILEKING six brands, and the product ranges covering all steel radial truck and bus tires (TBR), passenger car tires (PCR) and Bias off-the-road tires (OTR), etc, sold to more than 100 countries and districts all over the world. Our tires are approved by CCC, DOT, ECE, EU-LABEL, REACH , SMARTWAY, GCC, SASO, SONCAP systems. At the same time, we are building overseas branch offices and companies in Dubai, USA , MEXICO and Saudi Arabia to offer better services to customers.

The domestic sales team are in high sales level, with complete product ranges, sales network all over the country, and the core team members coming from the world first class tire corporations. Now we have 18 tire R & D engineers in our tech service team, among them 10 are Korean experts, 3 with PHD degree, 6 with Master’s degree, all of them are from the famous Korea tire enterprises, more than 20 years time working in about 10 large tire enterprises with their profound working experience and technology strength.

ACMEX GROUP is committing to be the global leader of tire integrated operation service, through the world top class technology R & D team, enhancing the tire quality, performance and additional values, speeding up the transformation and upgrading of the domestic tire industry, creating the national tire R & D center and intelligent virtual lab, building a global tire sales network, to reach a win-win goal with the tire companies from domestic and overseas.

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